âkayâsîmowin → nêhiyawêwin (kwêskipita)

 command (noun)

  • awasita (over further. Also a command, meaning move over.MD)
  • itasiwâtêw (give s.o. such a command; judge s.o.; rule thus for s.o.CW)

 command (verb)

  • itasiwêwin (the action of planning. The act of decision-making at a meeting. command; such ruling; consultationMD)
  • itasiwêw (plan. make a decision. command thus, rule thus; state an opinionMD)
  • atotêw (tell him or them to do some work. make a request of s.o., ask s.o. to do something; engage s.o. for something, employ s.o.; command s.o.MD)